How long would revolution or frontline or other flea products last for a dog?

Just wondering how long these products last to give the dog flea protection? I am really concidering it now since one of the dogs got fleas i think. and what cost is it in canadian dollars, I think its around 80.00, but not sure? Does it last a year?

I normally use frontline but after speaking with my vet and using it for a long time they seem to become resistant to it and you may have to use it every 2 weeks. You are better off going with revolution or advocate if you have it. I am in Australia and it costs about 40 aus dollars for 3 frontline.

I gave my cat flea drops and now he has leg spasms? Any connection there?

I decided to try some flea/tick drops to prevent infestation and dripped it on the back of my cat’s neck as directed. The next morning I noticed the area turned pink with a small red spot. Now, when he gets up from a sitting position his hind legs seem to spasm, either that or he just shakes them. This never happened before the drops. Is there any connection to the drops and nerve/muscle damage? Is this serious?

Hi Kent…this isn’t uncommon especially with over the counter spot-on flea infestation topicals such as Hartz, Sentry and similar products which are not prescribed by a veterinarian. The products contain "pyrethrin’s" which have been considered lethal in pet animals. Side effects have been paralyzation, seisures to even death.

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How to keep my dog pen flea free?

I just bought a house with a 20×10 dog pen that has durable fencing for "walls" and a completely dirt floor. She used it once and got fleas! We live in the country, surrounded by farms. What can I do to keep the pen area and the dog house inside flea free? Please keep in mind I give my dog Advantix often, as prescribed and she still got fleas…

just try to put stuff on the outside of the house to keep the pen away

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