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How long would revolution or frontline or other flea products last for a dog?

Just wondering how long these products last to give the dog flea protection? I am really concidering it now since one of the dogs got fleas i think. and what cost is it in canadian dollars, I think its around 80.00, but not sure? Does it last a year?

I normally use frontline but after speaking with my vet and using it for a long time they seem to become resistant to it and you may have to use it every 2 weeks. You are better off going with revolution or advocate if you have it. I am in Australia and it costs about 40 aus dollars for 3 frontline.

Can anyone recommend a flea spray to get rid of cat fleas in the house?

Our two black cats have had fleas and we have recently treated them with advantage from the vets, which should start to work in the next 48 hours but we still have fleas in our house. We have vacuum our carpets and tried using R.I.P flea spray for the house but nothing seems to have worked! Has anyone used a flea spray for house that worked?
I have fles bombed the house twice?
I have flea bombed the house twice?

Unless you have an extremely heavy infestation of fleas, treating the cats with Advantaghe will take care of the fleas in the house.

Fleas want to live in an environment of 100 degrees or higher. Cats and dogs have body temperatures of over 100 degrees, which iswhy fleas would rather live on them than on humans, in the carpets, etc. Fleas will migrate from your carpet and other places onto the cats, where the Advantage will kill them. It may take a few days to a week because fleas will be hatching from eggs for the next few days, but eventually they will be gone.

Keep treating your cats with Advantage or Frontline monthly. If you use flea spray in the house, be sure to take the cats and any other pets out of the house for at least eight hours afterward. (Flea sprays and bombs aren’t very effective on fleas, but they’re very toxic to pets.) If you still have fleas, you may need the services of a professional exterminator company.

How To Get Rid Of Fleas

http://www.videojug.com – Fleas! They bite, they itch, and they get everywhere. They feed off of you, and the young eat the dried blood defecated by the adults. So how do you destroy these tiny little monsters? Well let us show you how to get some flea control into your life!

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