can i use adult cat flea shampoo for a kitten?

can i use adult cat flea shampoo for my flea infested kitten? i don’t want fronline ive already tried that and he had an allergic reaction to it and i don’t like flea collars all ive got is a flea shampoo for adult cats. can i use it on my 3 month old kitten? is yes then how much and how do i bathe him properly? thanks ♥
it says do not use on cats under 12 weeks and mine is about 13 weeks can i still use it??

no no no no no! don t use it.dont dilute it either. i learned the hard way and lost 4 of 5 kittens. use dawn of the other answers said use dawn also, but they didnt specify that you need to leave it on the kitty for 8-10 minutes . get kitty wet then lather up and wrap in towel and hold close for 8-10 mins THEN rinse off and comb out rest of fleas.remember kittens cant regulate their own body temp completely until approx. 20 weeks so do all this in a non-drafty ,non -ac area. good luck! dawn really works great..

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