Should I Give My Cat A Bath Because Of Fleas And How Do I Get Rid Of Flea Eggs?

Problem On Fleas

fleas - dog flea - flea bites - flea shampooWell my cat has fleas and i want to know if i shoulld give her a bath. We have a comb and she loves to be brushed with it so we tried dipping the comb in soapy water and brushing her by the end her neck was soaked but she didn’t seem to mind. And how do i get rid of fleas eggs?
I can’t choose a best answer because all of you have given me WONDERFUL answers thank you so much 😀

More About Fleas

I’ve bathed my cats before, and you just make sure you have a good grip on the back of their neck, and have stern voice of “no” when it attempts to jump out of the water. I’d bath her once, and buy a pack of advantage for cats, check for apropriate size on package. It will stop the fleas as long as you give her monthly doses. And wash all bedding. I give a initial bath to my cat only, and continue on the monthly flea treatment. Go to…they have the best pricing on that product.

Treating Fleas

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All About Fleas.