The Flea Waltz (piano)

The Flea Waltz, find it funny that this piece is known all over the world and nobody knows the composer.

it is known
in Japan as Neko Funjatta (I Stepped on the Cat),
in Spain as La Chocolatera,
in the Netherlands as Vlooienmars (Flea March),
in Belgium as Valse des Puces (Flea Waltz),
in Russia as Sobachiy Val’s (Dog Waltz),
in Bulgaria as Koteshki Marsh (Cat March),
in Hungary as Szamárinduló (Donkey March),
in Majorca as Polca de los Tontos (Fools’ Polka)
in Denmark as Prinsesse Toben (Princess Two-Legs).
In Mexico it is called Los Changuitos (The Little Monkeys),
in Finland Kissanpolkka (Cat Polka).
In China it is called 小偷进行曲 (Thief March).

The Flea Waltz in double octaves:

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Duration : 0:2:26