How do I get rid of the fleas that are on my cat?

My cat is an indoor/outdoor cat who has some, but not many fleas. She has never been taken in for grooming or ever had a flea dip. And she has never wore a flea collar. She’s about 3 years old. Once, we put these flea drops on her and she almost died. So we are leary to try anything like that again. Please help, if you can. Thanks.

The only thing that worked in our house (four cats) was a flea dip and Frontline applications after that. I am wary of over the counter (otc) flea treatments. Frontline is vet prescription only. Flea collars and other otc treatments are typically substandard.

If your cat has an allergy or sensitivity to the treatments, your vet may know of alternatives that you can use. Mention the reaction she had to your vet during the exam so she knows a sensitivity is a possibility.

How can I stop fleas before they become a serious infestation?

I’ve recently moved out of my parent’s home and into a nice student house which I share with three other people, when I moved out we were just recovering from a major flea infestation throughout our house. I took as many precautions as I could such as spraying my packing before I left but today i have discovered a couple of bites on my arm and a few on my legs. It’s been over two weeks since I moved so I’m assuming they’ve been doing a little breeding in that time. However, if I hadn’t have dealt with fleas before I probably wouldn’t have noticed.

Is there a way I can get control of this situation before it becomes another major flea holiday resort. Any discreet methods would be much appreciated.

Fill a spray bottle 2/3 with water, add a squirt of liquid dish soap, two whole garlic cloves, rest with vinegar. Let set for 24 hours. Spray at will. Sounds like it would smell but, doesn’t. Also, keeps spiders away. Good luck.

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How Can I Get Rid Of Fleas From My Carpet And Floors?

Getting Rid of Fleas

fleas - dog flea - flea bites - flea shampoo - flea and tick controlI recently got rid of our 2 cats who were flea-ridden, about 5 weeks ago but we are still having problems with fleas left in the house. I am also 6 months pregnant, so chemicals are out of the question. How can fleas survive without a food source for over a month? I would like this problem resolved before our baby comes. Any advice?
We have vacuumed the whole house twice now, but we have a hepa filter vacuum that is bagless and you just dump it out. Could the fleas be living in the filter and inside the vacuum?

How Do Fleas Survive?

Also, we have NOT noticed any flea bites on ourselves. What are fleas surviving on?
Fleas can hibernate until an appropriate food source is available. the best thing to do is to wash any and all bedding the cats slept on in as hot of water as possible. While those are washing, vacuum all rooms in the house where the cats were at, paying special attention to areas under furniture. After you have finished vacuuming the whole house, remove the bag and dispose of it immediately. You may have to do this more than once. Fleas have a life span of 90 days and you will continue to see some activity as they hatch if they find food. This is the best course of action without using chemicals. Best of luck…

Fleas Eradication

fleas - flea medication - flea collar - flea repellent - flea remedies - flea control - flea and tick controlVictor Ultimate Flea Trap

The non-toxic Victor Ultimate Flea Trap detects and controls indoor flea problems. The unique lighted dome attracts fleas in 360 degrees, from up to 30 feet away, while the “Super Grabber” glue holds them fast.

The Ultimate Flea Trap includes:

  • One (1) Trap
  • Two (2) Super Grabber Glue Discs

The light bulb allows for easy viewing of results and a heat source to attract the fleas out of upholstery and carpeting, while the unique open dome design allows for quick glue trap replacement.

All About Fleas.

How do I get fleas out of the house?

I have a flea infestation! I got rid of my cats, but can’t get rid of the bugs. I thought I had most of them, but it seems that new ones have hatched(they are much smaller than the first round). I vacuum and I sprayed the furniture with an IGR insecticide. I am pregnant and don’t want to use too many chemicals in the house, but I have to get rid of the fleas. It seems we have more now than when I started. I bought one of the flea traps with the light and glue pad and that works well, but it is very localized, it doesn’t get them all. Can fleas breed if there are no animals in the house? I read that they lay eggs after a blood meal, does that mean human blood? I haven’t noticed them biting too much, though. Any suggestions? Any help is greatly appreciated!

I know fleas
I have had infestations several times.
Don’t waste money on the lamps. All they do is give the fleas enough light to find some food.
The problem with using one chemical[ yes, you HAVE to use chemicals-sorry] is, most chemicals do not kill fleas in all life cycles. One treatment may kill the fleas themselves but have no effect on the larvae or the eggs that have been deposited in your bedding, furniture and carpet.[yes! your bedding} So you may have eliminated the fleas…..but the eggs hatch, produce more larvae and…ad infinatum.
Find a treatment the will kill fleas AND their larvae.
The treatments I have used in the past and have been very successful with is to use a home spray- they sell many different brands in Lowes or Home Depot. One brand is Best Defense. As long as it states it is safe to use on furniture and carpet. I spray my carpet and furniture [ test for colorfastness].
Next day vacuum well.
This may need to be repeated several times.
In between I use flea bombs. Do not try to be skimpy with the bombs. After you open the house up, vacuum again.
This may need to be repeated. But one cycle usually gets all of the fleas. Make sure when you bomb your home,, you open drawers, remove bedding, open closet doors,etc.
After all is done, wash linens in hot water.
Since you are pregnant, you should have someone handling the chemicals.
You probably want to get this problem corrected before the baby arrives. You will have your hands full afterward.
Good luck!!

I went on vacation and took my pets with me. But it was obvious on my return…I did not take the fleas. They stayed home and multiplied!! OMG! As I walked in…my feet were covered!!

PSS DO NOT use Sevin in the house.
You are pregnant and it is deadly to insects. It would be very foolish to use something like this around a growing fetus.

Shame on the person who suggested this!

Can anyone recommend a flea spray to get rid of cat fleas in the house?

Our two black cats have had fleas and we have recently treated them with advantage from the vets, which should start to work in the next 48 hours but we still have fleas in our house. We have vacuum our carpets and tried using R.I.P flea spray for the house but nothing seems to have worked! Has anyone used a flea spray for house that worked?
I have fles bombed the house twice?
I have flea bombed the house twice?

Unless you have an extremely heavy infestation of fleas, treating the cats with Advantaghe will take care of the fleas in the house.

Fleas want to live in an environment of 100 degrees or higher. Cats and dogs have body temperatures of over 100 degrees, which iswhy fleas would rather live on them than on humans, in the carpets, etc. Fleas will migrate from your carpet and other places onto the cats, where the Advantage will kill them. It may take a few days to a week because fleas will be hatching from eggs for the next few days, but eventually they will be gone.

Keep treating your cats with Advantage or Frontline monthly. If you use flea spray in the house, be sure to take the cats and any other pets out of the house for at least eight hours afterward. (Flea sprays and bombs aren’t very effective on fleas, but they’re very toxic to pets.) If you still have fleas, you may need the services of a professional exterminator company.

Fleas and parasites in cats and dogs

Rick and The Little Guy from http://superfunscience.com visit Dr. Michelle Yasson from http://holvet.net to talk about fleas and tapeworms and other gross things.

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