How soon after giving your dog flea drops can you give him a bath?

I just gave my dog a dose of his monthly flea drops but now he is stinky and needs a bath. How soon after the drops can I give him a bath without ruining the drops effectiveness?
he doesn’t stink because of the drops- the drops smell pretty good actually like citrus. No he smells like outside! Like a dog smells sometimes.
Of course I read the box before I posted this question- I wouldnt have asked if the answer was on the back of the box!

I know of no effective flea contol that smell like citrus.
The only flea prevention that is safe and effective is Frontline,Revolution and Advantage products.
Once you apply these products your pet must remain dry for 48 hours or duration of action will be compromised.

Please only administer flea control.that is dispensed by a vet or lisenced pharmacy.
Avoid caustic and questionable treatments by Bio Spot,Sergeants,Hartz as they can make you pet extremely ill.

No bath 48 hours prior to administation of flea prevention and 48 hours post administation!