Natural Flea Control for Cats ? Home Remedies That Work

Is your cat suffering with fleas? If you are reading this now, then my guess is yes. Getting rid of your pets fleas can be a challenge. Should you go to the veterinarian and get a prescription or maybe to the pet store and get an over-the-counter commercial product? Have you considered a home remedy that is not only safer, it is a whole lot less expensive and more readily available?

There is a very good chance your cat will be plagued by fleas if she is an indoor/outdoor cat. The use of commercial flea products can have a toxic effect on your pet, as well as your children. Can you imagine your child petting the kitty and then rubbing her eyes or putting her fingers in her mouth? You do not even want to think about what the effects could be to your child. These commercial products are full of toxic chemicals than can have short-term and long-term side effects.

There are natural alternatives so why not consider them? One good treatment is a mixture of garlic and brewers yeast. The fleas are repelled by the smell and taste of your pets’ skin. Those nasty varmints will be fighting each other to be the first to get off your pet. Be sure to cook the garlic thoroughly before mixing it with the brewers yeast because raw garlic can be toxic to your animal. Just put about a teaspoon of the mixture in her food and she will be flea free in no time. Because this is a natural remedy, you will want to continue the treatment until the fleas are gone. I have a friend with many indoor/outdoor cats and she has made this remedy a regular additive to their diet.

A second natural flea remedy is apple cider. Put a little bit in your pets water and the smell and taste of their skin will force the fleas to flee.

Fleas are a miserable pest to your cat. The itching and scratching can drive them crazy. Some cats actually have an allergy to fleas. So why not go natural and help your cat be free of fleas.

I have not always made the right decisions in regards to treating my pets’ ailments, but I am educating myself so that she will have a healthy life. Even veterinarians are starting to recommend natural home remedies and treatments because they know most commercial drugs have too many dangers and long-term side effects.

Are you making the right treatment decisions for the safety of your cat or dog? I have not always made the best choices in the treatment of my dog’s ailments, but I am changing all of that. From now on, it is natural home remedies whenever possible. Consider doing the same by visiting Home Remedies for Cats and Dogs at
Enjoy your dog or cat and treat them well. They can have a happy and healthy life with your help.

Deborah is an advocate for dog and cat health care and training and enjoys sharing resources that will provide the information needed to give your pet the best life possible. In doing so, she has created relationships with certain experts and in recommending their products may receive compensation for doing so.

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