A natural “remedy” for flea bites?

Flea Bites Remedies

Question by Jackal: A natural “remedy” for flea bites?
Is there a natural “remedy” for flea bites? A pill, drink, food, etc for flea bites? The sprays really don’t do much and the fleas around really bite up my legs and they itch beyond belief. The lotion helps with the itching, but I don’t want to be bitten anymore.. any ideas?


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Answer by Tom J

Get rid of the fleas And Treat Flea Bites

fleas - dog flea - flea bitesWhen a flea bites, there are certain steps you should take to help prevent flea bites from getting worse.  For most people, you will not get a single flea bites, but rather several.  If you think you may have flea bites, the first thing you need to do is make sure it was caused by a flea. Flea bites are a common problem for people and animals, and are the result of fleas feeding on the blood.  While some people may only have a specific and very minor reaction to the fleas feeding site, some people will have a more drastic reaction that can lead to unsightly marks and potential scarring due to flea bites.  The unfortunate part of it is, you will never know how you will react until you are bitten. Most people do not develop a very bad flea bites, but certain reactions in the human body can cause these very minor issues to become far more severe.  Most people do not fully realize just where the allergic reaction comes from.  Most people are not allergic to fleas themselves and flea bites.  A flea secretes a certain chemical in its saliva that is used to keep blood flowing from an open wound while they are feeding.  The reaction itself is caused by the anti-coagulate and usually nothing else.  For others who have a more severe reaction, there are other things at work in your body.  If you have a dog or cat allergy, then your are more likely to have a more severe reaction to flea bites.  The reason?  You most likely were not the first thing the flea bites.  When the flea then bites you, you will wind up getting a little bit of dog or cat in you, leading to a more severe reaction or leads to flea bites.  An allergic reaction to flea bites in either case is not a very serious situation, and you will most likely only have a larger, itchier bite.

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Flea Bites Treatment

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