How long should I wait to re-apply liquid flea treatment?

Recently I used the liquid Hartz flea treatment on my cat. It didn’t work. I purchased Frontline from my vet and suggested I wait a few days. I’m truly concerned as to how long I really should wait to apply the Frontline. I would like to do it soon because my cat has an awful flea problem. It has been almost a week since I applied the Hartz. Any suggestions or affirmation?

Yikes. NEVER use Hartz products!!! Go to this site and you’ll see why

Do what your vet suggested – wait a few days. And next time don’t wait till your home is infested with fleas to get the RIGHT safe treatment for your cat. Keep it on Frontline and put it on her monthly.

You should also vaccuum your home and empty the canister or remove the bag from it outdoors and put inside a sealed bag. Then strip down all of the bedding in your home – yours and your pets. Wash everything in very hot water. Fleas don’t live on cats – they hop on them to feed. They live in your carpets and bedding. Frontline will kill them off as they’ll hop on your cat but it takes at least several days – maybe a week or more if your home is badly infested. So vacuuming and washing bedding will go a long way to speeding the process.