Chewing Lice

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If there is a parasite that like to attack warm blooded creatures, at some point it will likely bother your dog. And when it comes to lice that like to chew on a creature that just wants to live a peaceful life, dogs get afflicted with these parasites in miserable ways sometimes. As a dog owner, its good to keep an eye on man’s best friend to make sure that you do all you can to help the family dog stay pest free and lice free as well. <a href=””>Click Here</a>

In this quest for a pest free dog, your veterinarian is essential every step of the way. We are in an era where you can put your dog on a medicine that will help him let out preventive chemicals every week to keep lice and fleas from biting. This is a huge help that can cut down on how often biting lice get on your dog and make him miserable. But there are cases where these preventive measures are not sufficient to stop nature from taking its course.

If you notice your dog scratch and developing sore spots, a little close inspection might show that biting and chewing lice are driving him crazy. This is an unhealthy situation and activity should be taken as speedily as possible. Your veteran can make sure you have the right skin treatment which is Pyrethrin shampoo that can clean the lice off of his skin and begin the healing process. While your dog may not be that interested in having a bath and having you mess with those sore places on his body where he lice have done their damage, it is crucial to clean it to stop the progress of the damage.

It’s a good idea to keep some Pyrethrin shampoo around because it often happens that you need to stage an intervention with your dog on a moments notice. Then when you have the lice subdued, you can take your pet to the veterinarian to get more medical care for the damage to his skin. The vet may need to give him some antibiotics or a steroid shot to help reduce the itching and to speed healing of the skin. <a href=””>Click Here</a>

The itching of healing can be a problem for a dog who doesn’t know not to scratch that area to allow it to heal. Often the vet with prescribe a tablet that reduces itching so the dog will not be so mindful of it. If not, often benadryl does wonders for a dog and it helps him relax and sleep which is all healthy for a dog who is trying to regain from lice bites. But you will need to keep up the Pyrethrin shampoo treatments for a couple weeks to kill off any fresh fleas that appear on the dog as a result of eggs dream up out. But by being protective and persistent, you and your pooch can beat this problem.

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