Home Remedy For Fleas

Home alternatives to treat fleas


fleasFleas are the most common and annoying household insect for not only humans but pets too. Various products can be found on the market to help rid of fleas but old fashion home methods can help to get rid and prevent fleas.

As said before various products are available on the market but do you really want to pay for them when you can use home remedies and still get the same result? Home methods have no side effect and are safe unlike using some products like prednisone which can give relief from bites of fleas but the side-effect of it is that it weakens the immune system which isn’t the best you want for your pet.  Chemicals can also be used to exterminate fleas but they can also be toxic to your pets and also to your children too. To get rid of fleas the best way to go would be with home remedies that won’t cause any side-effects.

How to prevent fleas

For prevention you’ll want to keep your home clean especially the carpets indoors and also outdoors too as some fleas may be in your yard already. Make sure that your vacuum thoroughly and regularly to keep everything clean (you may also want to put a flea collar in the bag to kill any fleas lurking in the carpet). Fleas hate clean home so keep it clean; cover food, get rid of old food, clean up food spills.

A breeding place for fleas is water so make sure that you have no leaky pipes in the house and if you do get it fixed as soon as possible. If need be and you need to use a pesticide use one of the natural less harmful ones.

Putting your pet on a diet rich in essential fatty acids (EFA) can help to improve their immune system which is another thing that fleas aren’t too fond of either.

By following these simple tips you and your pet will be able to be free from the trouble of annoying fleas.

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Video on how to control fleas

Some home remedies for controlling fleas on dogs include keeping the dog bathed in regular shampoo and using a flea comb. Discover why professional application is much more effective in flea control than home remedies with help from a pest control operator in this free video on flea control and extermination. Expert: Mark Govan Contact: www.ABC-Pestcontrol.com Bio: Mark Govan has more than 20 years of pest control experience in central Florida. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz
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