Sentry PurrScriptions Cat & Kitten Squeeze-On Flea & Tick Control, has anyone used this before?

Sentry PurrScriptions Cat & Kitten Squeeze-On Flea & Tick Control
what would you say are the chances that this would work for a cat that is about 2 weeks old? we have only found one flea on her, so we’re not sure if we should get this or frontline ( even though frontline has better reviews it is SOOO expensive! please help us, thank you!

shes like 7-8 weeks old darla xD

Flea and Tick Treatment

A recent report shows many pets have experienced problems with spot-on flea and tick treatment sold in pet stores and veterinary clinics across the country. Watch the video and find out about the importance of using these products safely. For information call the Pest Management Information Service Line, 1-800-267-6315.
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Q&A: Can liquid flea treatment “burn” a cats ears?

Question by Matt: Can liquid flea treatment “burn” a cats ears?
I used some over the counter flea treatment on my 1 yr old cat a few weeks ago. It’s the liquid kind that goes between their shoulder blades. I noticed that at the base of each ear now, that there are bright red, bleeding sores. The woman at Petsmart and a vet office said that the over the counter stuff is too strong for cats and can cause “burns” on their ears. Has anyone else heard about this or experienced this before? For those that have heard about it, what should I use to prevent the “burns”?

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Answer by curious
I have an aunt who used to work in a vet office, she said she seen a lot of animals come in who had the over the counter flea stuff on them that caused problems. It’s just too harsh on some animals or the owners aren’t buying the right kind for their animals size, etc. You shouldn’t of put it so close to the ears. See what kind your vet suggest & how often you should apply it to your cat.

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Can a person switch from flea powder to another flea treatment?

One cat has been given the advantage flea treatment by the vet. The other cat has been given flea powder.

Not only can you, you should! Powders, collars and the like are a lousy and old-fashioned treatment. There are more effective methods available these days, Advantage is one of them. Frontline is another, it’s my fave.

Lose the powder!


Flea Control Secrets eBook Overview

From Flea Control Secrets: How to Get Rid of Fleas & Live Flea Free is a new ebook. Get a brief overview into some of the flea treatment topics and discusses the motivation behind its release.

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Can you use Revolution flea treatment on a kitten around 7 weeks of age?

We found a stray kitten about 3 weeks ago and the vet said it looked about 4 weeks. Today we finally got around to giving it its first examination and they gave us Revolution flea treatment since he has fleas already. Is this safe to use for kittens? I’m only asking because I just now read that it’s only safe for kittens at least 12 weeks and wanted to know if this was true.

The manufacturer says it’s not for use on kittens less that 8 weeks old, and at one time it was said not to be used on kittens less than 12 weeks old. The other topical flea medications are different than Revolution, and much safer for young kittens or cats that are in bad physical shape. I’d take the Revolution back, and get Advantage until he’s a bit older.

Revolution is systemic – if the kitten has a bad reaction to it, it cannot be washed off.

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