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How long would revolution or frontline or other flea products last for a dog?

Just wondering how long these products last to give the dog flea protection? I am really concidering it now since one of the dogs got fleas i think. and what cost is it in canadian dollars, I think its around 80.00, but not sure? Does it last a year?

I normally use frontline but after speaking with my vet and using it for a long time they seem to become resistant to it and you may have to use it every 2 weeks. You are better off going with revolution or advocate if you have it. I am in Australia and it costs about 40 aus dollars for 3 frontline.

How to keep my dog pen flea free?

I just bought a house with a 20×10 dog pen that has durable fencing for "walls" and a completely dirt floor. She used it once and got fleas! We live in the country, surrounded by farms. What can I do to keep the pen area and the dog house inside flea free? Please keep in mind I give my dog Advantix often, as prescribed and she still got fleas…

just try to put stuff on the outside of the house to keep the pen away

Dogs and Cats with Flea Bite Dermatitis – Allergic to Fleas

Help for dogs and cats with flea allergies or flea bite dermatitis. Dr. Colleen Smith discusses natural treatments to rid your pet of fleas. To view other pet health videos, visit

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Flea Control Secrets eBook Overview

From Flea Control Secrets: How to Get Rid of Fleas & Live Flea Free is a new ebook. Get a brief overview into some of the flea treatment topics and discusses the motivation behind its release.

Duration : 0:9:34

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Can you use Revolution flea treatment on a kitten around 7 weeks of age?

We found a stray kitten about 3 weeks ago and the vet said it looked about 4 weeks. Today we finally got around to giving it its first examination and they gave us Revolution flea treatment since he has fleas already. Is this safe to use for kittens? I’m only asking because I just now read that it’s only safe for kittens at least 12 weeks and wanted to know if this was true.

The manufacturer says it’s not for use on kittens less that 8 weeks old, and at one time it was said not to be used on kittens less than 12 weeks old. The other topical flea medications are different than Revolution, and much safer for young kittens or cats that are in bad physical shape. I’d take the Revolution back, and get Advantage until he’s a bit older.

Revolution is systemic – if the kitten has a bad reaction to it, it cannot be washed off.

How can I kill fleas on my cat other then flea/tick shampoo?

My cat has flea’s horribly, she’s getting scabs from where they are biting her I’m not sure how to kill the flea’s. The cat shampoo doesn’t seem to be working, just makes things worse for her. So, what else can I do to kill more of them?

Use Advantage. Purchase a tube at the vets office for about $15.00. The fleas will be gone in a day. Don’t use over the counter products as they can be fatal to your cat.
If the fleas are really bad the house needs to be treated with flea foggers and the front and backyard needs to be sprayed with flea killer.
It is important that these fleas be destroyed as it can cause a cat anemia.

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